Safeguarding Your Information

Mortgage Wire Fraud – Be in the Know

A new breed of cyber-scammers are taking advantage of homeowners during their stressful closing period. If you aren’t careful, you could be a victim of mortgage wire fraud. From false wire payment instructions to fake offers for mortgage relief, we’ve complied information on the latest mortgage fraud and closing scams, so you know what precautions to take to protect your money and even your home.

Cyber-criminals scammed more than 13,000 Americans out of nearly $213 million through mortgage wire fraud in 2020, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even homeowners looking to refinance or who are in foreclosure are at risk, but knowing how this type of mortgage fraud works and the steps to prevent it may keep you from becoming a victim.

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*Hamilton Home Mortgage will NEVER SEND OUT WIRE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANY REASON. Wire Instructions will always come directly from the Title Company. We encourage you to never wire any money without first speaking directly to your Title Agent to verify the Wire Instructions are legitimate and correct.